MintFlow - Collectors Pass (OG MINT LIVE) 🎟️

MintFlow - Collectors Pass (OG MINT LIVE) 🎟️



Pre sale price:

0.1 ETH

Public sale price:

0.15 ETH

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 What is

MintFlow is a web3 minting ecosystem that helps Creators (Άlpha) launch their collections by creating a professional minting flow and connecting Collectors (Ωmega) with top upcoming projects.


🎟️ What is the Ωmega Collectors Pass?


The Ωmega pass is the key that certifies that you are a MintFlow collector, the benefits of this are:

-Get early allow listed for upcoming collections

-Airdrops of exclusive collections/dapps hosted by MintFlow

-Access to all the collector's tools and utilities.

 -Opportunity to be a founder on next in-house web3 products.


Our goal is to constantly add value to the holder pass by doing exclusive airdrops, events and giveaways for the holders.

🏆 Instant reward for Ωmega pass holders:

After the public MINT ENDS or SOLD OUT, All Ωmega Pass holders will be allow listed and will be able to get FREE MINT airdrop from Insane PixelArt NFT collection, in this way HOLDERS can test the platform with all available features and start receiving the benefits of owning the Ωmega Pass!

Crypto Illuminati Gen-X

(Exclusive AIRDROP collection for Ωmega Pass holders)


🏗 Upcoming in-house projects:

By holding the Ωmega pass, you are supporting upcoming in-house dapps/collections, some of them are:

-ENS type with real-world business/personal utility.

-Music dapp focused on independent creators, helping them to release music. 

-Photo stock platform like Shutterstock but full ERC721/1155.

There are +10 on the list in no order of release (randomized) and Ωmega Pass holders can be part of all, receiving early access, allowed list, free mints and full support.

Private Mint is live

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